Une nouvelle année, de nouveaux projets

Lecture : The Last Pictures, Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen est un artiste photographe que j'admire depuis ses premières participations au Mois de la Photo de Montréal.

The Last Pictures est un livre : "Artist Trevor Paglen collaborated with materials scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop a micro-etched disc with one hundred photographs, encased in a gold-plated shell, designed withstand the rigors of space and to last for billions of years. Inspired by years of conversations and interviews with scientists, artists, anthropologists, and philosophers, the images chosen for The Last Pictures tell an impressionistic story of uncertainty, paradox, and anxiety about the future. In November 2012 the communications satellite EchoStar XVI reached geostationary orbit with The Last Pictures mounted to its anti-earth deck. The satellite will spend fifteen years broadcasting television and high-bandwidth internet signals before maneuvering into a “graveyard” orbit where it will become a ghost-ship, carrying The Last Pictures towards the depths of time.

De plus, un site web a été créé : http://paglen.com/lastpictures/main.php?m=overview&p=

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